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Life On and Around The Funny Farm

Funny Farm title artThis site was the first site I ever built outside of classwork. It was intended to promote a self-published book, written by one of my husband's co-workers, and I designed it to emulate the book as much as possible, while adding a few simple bells and whistles, like the rotating review blurbs on the home page, and an email form (all of this page was hand-coded, by the way, and the images were either scanned from the book itself or taken from the author's clip art files, and tweaked in Photoshop). I built the site gratis, just for the experience, but the book's author liked it so much, she sent me a truly humongous peace lily as a thank you gift.

Michigan Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds homepage artThis, my first paid project, was a collaboration between me and my husband--he had hired on to build a website for the Thunderbirds, a wheelchair basketball team, and brought me on board to help with the overall design and graphics (done in Fireworks using client-supplied photos and logos). Beyond that, I did some coding (in HTML-Kit) of the calendar and other interior pages, and this was my first exposure to dealing with accessibility issues, and running HTML code through the BOBBY accessibility checker. (Original files: click here)

Math Refuse

Math Refuse cover artThis project was never quite finished, due to creative differences over the content, but I thought I'd throw it up here anyway, since I think it's some of the best graphic design work I've done. I created the covers (front and back for issue 1, front only for issue 2) for the print versions of Math Refuse, which was a humor publication created by a group of employees of Mathematical Reviews, largely on their own time, and distributed within that organization. When the idea was floated that we should move Math Refuse into the 21st century and onto Math Reviews' intranet, I volunteered for the job. (This, by the way, was my first project using Dreamweaver-- as I said above, I did this in my free time, so I just wanted to throw it together as quickly as possible. I did end up doing a bit of coding and scripting by hand, however.)