19th Apr 2011, by Mary, filed in Home Cooking, Recipe, Spice Rack Challenge

Full disclosure: I’m not a huge fan of dill. I like pickles quite a bit, and I like fresh dill in salads, but beyond that, dill hasn’t exactly played a big part in my cooking. So, since I decided not to go the pickle route for this challenge, I had some difficulty coming up with something to make.

My first thought was to modify my favorite recipe for cheese-filled turkey burgers, subbing dill and havarti for the standard cheddar. The original recipe is really fantastic–the burgers aren’t bland or dry, like so many turkey burgers, due to a healthy dose of minced shallots mixed into the ground turkey, and the cheese, of course. And they have their own built-in timer–since, unlike with beef burgers, you want these to be well-done through and through, you just wait for the inevitable bit of melted cheese to start leaking out the side, and you’re done! Well, I ended up mixing the dill into the ground turkey along with the shallots, and made up a mustard-dill sauce (using this recipe, but I can’t say I recommend it, at least not for this) to try to increase the dill usage. David liked them, and I could at least taste the dill, but I think in the future I’ll stick to the original recipe, thank you.

Pretty, but meh.

Okay–on to the second recipe. After last month’s first dismal failure, I figured I’d browse the web for another dill recipe to try, just in case. There were, of course, tons of variations on the above-mentioned mustard-dill sauce, generally paired with salmon, and pickle recipes galore, but not a whole lot else. Finally, though, I came across something promising: a “traditional” Kerala egg salad recipe. Now, I don’t know whether there really is any such thing as traditional egg salad in Kerala (which is in the southern part of India, by the way), but the recipe sounded interesting–a little like deviled eggs, and what’s not to like about that? Here’s the original recipe, but what I ended up doing was sort of a hybrid of that and the plain-jane Joy of Cooking egg salad recipe I’ve been making for years. Basically, I wasn’t happy with the ratio of mayo and mustard to egg, so I kept adding both in about a 2 to 1 ratio until I got what I wanted. The addition of the dill, paprika and red onion was brilliant, though–this definitely is my new go-to egg salad recipe.

Yummy even without the bread!




  1. Chris Wood

    Lemon + Dill = all good things for fish! mmm. Yummy dill! (Heather can confirm…)

  2. 20/04/2011

    At first I struggled with this month as well. After some searching of my favorite bloggers I actually had too many recipes. I had totally forgotten about things like potato salad and dilly bread. I definitely have a heightened dill awareness now. Your egg salad also sounds delicious. I’ll be adding this to the summer list for sure.

  3. 28/04/2011

    I should suggest the egg salad to my husband, when he wearies of eating our leftover easter eggs straight! :^) [along with not liking dill, i don’t like eggs when you can taste them, so i’m not much help on that front…]