18th Feb 2011, by Mary, filed in Home Cooking, Recipe, Spice Rack Challenge

Okay, this is going to be an abbreviated post, because I lost track of the deadline for posting (thanks for the reminder, Cheryl!) and my brain is currently mush due to the plague. The recipe I chose for this month’s challenge was—


Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange Marmalade, courtesy of Melissa Clark’s “A Good Appetite” column in the New York Times (and whose recent book “In The Kitchen With A Good Appetite” I can heartily recommend–I got it for Christmas and read it cover to cover). It was really absurdly simple to make–I could probably even make it now, in my present addled state. And, as a marmalade-delivery device (because even I’m not so big a fan of marmalade that I’d just scarf it up with a spoon … more than once or twice), I made Oatmeal Popovers. Cute as they were, they were a bit on the tough side for popovers–maybe it was the oats, or maybe I let them cool a little too long. The marmalade more than made up for them, though.


  1. 18/02/2011

    They were still REALLY good popovers!

  2. 19/02/2011

    I have honestly been thinking about making meyer lemon and blood orange marmalade. Glad I stopped by to find the recipe here. It looks delicious.
    While I am at it I might just have to make those popovers for breakfast in the morning!
    Two great suggestions. Thanks.

  3. 28/02/2011

    how perfectamundo! I was thinking as I was reading all the spice rack posts that I wanted to make Marmalade and here is a recipe…thanks!